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Gift Basket Orders

What are they? 

A scrumptious, edible gift that everyone will love! Our fruit, cheese and gourmet gift baskets available in many shapes and sizes starting at $35 + tax. Please note that our baskets are all personally and professionally hand crafted one-at-a-time by our team and require being ordered one day in advance. 

Below are sample photos of what baskets look like at certain price points. 

Please note that they are not exactly representative of what contents will be and are subject to substitutions. 

If you would like specific contents, you can list them in the space provided below (price of basket may be subject to chance based on add ons). 

We are also happy to speak on the phone for specific requests. 

Fruit Baskets: Include a variety of fruit such as: apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, clementines and pears. They also contain specialty items such as: cookies, chocolates, candy, jams, cheese, crackers and other yummy treats. 

(Starting at $35.00 + tax)

Gourmet Baskets: When perishables are not ideal for you, skip the fruit and go for a basket full of yummy treats. Can be specific items, or just packed for a price.

(Starting at $35.00 + tax)

Cheese Baskets: These are primarily for sale in the store but can also be made to order while quantities last. 

(Starting at $25.00 + tax)


Not able to visit your loved ones this year?

Delivery Available! (fees will apply)


We will contact you by email to confirm your order within 24 hours (please call us as 613 283-4821 if you have not received a confirmation)

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Special Requests
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