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Included in Meat Box:

10 lb T-Bone Steak

10 lb Rib Steaks 

10 lb TOP Sirloin Steaks

10 lb Pork Loin Chops

10 lb Chicken Breasts

20 lb Beef Patties 

(Made with Lean Ground Beef) 

Meat Box #6 The Premium

  • All orders must:

    • Allow 6 days minimum for in store preperation 
    • Specify if for delivery or pickup
    • Substitutions will be taken at a dollar / dollar basis
    • Substitutions must be written:

    ""Item currently in order", substittuded for, "Item you'd like to substitute for""

    Ex: 2 lb Mock Chicken, substituded for, Brandt Smoked Meat Cut thin.

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